1. Introduction

Having spent the last 3 weeks of February 2021, reading this inspiring book titled; Courageous Leadership by Bill Hybels, I am immensely stirred at the core of my heart to be the Leader God created me to be. I am convinced that am – a born leader – to provide hope, bring change, and deliver the enormous task for changing the most “stubborn heart” for Christ – through love and willingness to surrender to God.

  • Key Learning and Interpretation

The message from the book, focuses on the kingdom work of God as per the teaching of God in Acts Chapter 2. Hybels points out that leaders who are fired up to provide solutions in all sectors of life, must stem from the willingness to support the redemptive work of Christ. He adds, that “only the people who are fired for God and are willing to bring Christ to the community can be able to transform each other”. The book provides a key insight, that “only the church as the embodiment of Christ, can truly transform, heal, change, and redeem an individual and in turn the whole society”. Hybels further teaches that a leader must have the courage to raise resources, invest in emerging leaders and grow meaningful relations who can assist in achieving the vision.

  • Application of Key Learning Points.

Personally, I was pleased to learn the key areas that I must improve to truly be “the transformative leader of Christ”. As an ordained leader, I must be clear of my Vision, and in turn, I must embody, personify, and live out the vision. For instance, I have been given a task to write a book on a controversial topic in authority, despite the scare I am encouraged, to pray and fulfil God’s purpose. The book also notes that the leadership journey requires a surrendered spirit. This is the most capturing area for me since it is my biggest area of weakness – SURRENDER to GOD – I understand that “only the truly courageous leader who leads with full strength from God and who is set up to have extraordinary impact on the earth”. Hybels further says, that it is through challenging times that leaders can get great solutions while at the same time being highly effective. Going forward, I am convicted: to evaluate my guiding decision-making beliefs, identify my pathway and leadership style. I will also re-evaluate my small inner circle of friends, (my safe space) to enable me to survive the toxicity through challenging times. As I work on my vision, I intend to fast and pray for guidance on my calling and vision while developing myself continuously for the vision., to raise emerging leaders, I will also read widely and spend time with other leaders who can inform my daily decisions. I pray that to identify the inner core of consultants who can help me make decisions that honor him. I remain focused on the love of God and for the transformation of God’s people.

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