I wonder at what point leaders lost the plot and imagined that it was about Self. At what point we were made to believe that we lived for ourselves and Leadership become about self and not service.

I am glad that as a team of Leaders in society, we can change this leadership discourse by focusing on God’s will. Understanding that it’s not about us, but about the vision, talents, gifts God has placed in our hearts. To always remember that we have been appointed leaders (even if you are the founder) for a reason and to the Glory of God. All things and people under the Sun belong to God.

We are calling out for GREAT leaders who truly understand that the purpose giver is bigger than the purpose implementor. Leaders who understand thathat God has the perfect plan for the platform he has given to us to lead. Leaders who are willing to put away PRIDE and EGO and they are secure in understanding that it’s NOT about “their little temporary Kingdom, But the Kingdom of God.

Do Not Let EGO and PRIDE rule your world. For we all know pride comes before a fall.

getbacktotheoriginalplot #egoistheenemy #kingdombusiness #catalystleader #FearlessSummit#leadershipbootcamp2021

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