Reach for the Stars.

Leadership is a journey of stewardship towards a certain goal. To lead means to steer towards a certain mark.


In order to reach for the star you must

1. keep your eyes fixed on your goal- stay focused.

2. Have a clear vision and mission

3. Press on towards the mark despite any challenges

“When a runner starts out on the course, he doesn’t carry any unnecessary clothing or baggage. Because the excess weight will slow him down. He doesn’t run constantly looking behind him, because in doing so, he cannot see what dangers may lay in front of him”

4. Don’t give up, Don’t look back, focus on the finish line.

Ecclesiastes 9:11 lets us know that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, but to the one who holds out. God wants us to keep on striving, keep on trying, and to keep moving on; trying to reach our goal. Never give up.



Janet Ngombalu

#leadership #inspiration #achieve

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